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Dozer's Warehouse

 Some say art is the child of collaboration, in that spirit Dozer Art presented to the city of Seattle, Dozer’s Warehouse and Art Gallery

 In late June of 2017 Lont  curated and participated in a 6,000 sq ft warehouse project in Seattle WA, "Dozer's Warehouse" , where he brought together 75+ local, national and international artists to cover the TBD community space floor to ceiling with 103+ murals. Paring it with a, opening night group gallery show, giveaways, live music performances and donating portions of the proceeds to further a local communities mission to bring art to the city .

 Opening night was September 8th 2017, allowing the public access to the warehouse space to view the dozens of murals. Dozer art invited some of Seattle’s favorite street and contemporary artists,including; Ten Hundred, Wakuda, One Seven Nine, Charms, Perry Porter, They Drift, Katie Kurkjy, Leo Shallat and Mari Shibuya. Also included are a number of artists from around the nation such as; Clown (LA), Yes (NY), Rok (Baltimore), Style (LA), Caleb Aero (HI) and more.

With no for sure future, Lont took over the TBD space in November 2018 and continuing that goal, hosting large social, music and art events with local  and national creatives.

The last show/event was January 2020 (due to the pandemic)

Dozer's Warehouse and Gallery Demolition started in march of 2021,  almost 4 years  after being told it would only be a 3-6 month project...

Thanks to this great city and its vibrant art community we made HISTORY in Seattle!

Dozer's Warehouse opening night2017
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