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Crick Lont, creator of Dozer Art, has been pushing the envelope of creativity, bringing the world his expressions in his stylistic manner that has awed and engaged audiences across the country. A curator, muralist, portrait artist and live painter who incorporates stencil, brush, aerosol, and collage on canvases and walls. Painting with substance and meaning that connects art, culture and community. Dozer’s personal experiences living, collaborating, and creating art within Seattle and beyond, working with international and local artists in studios, art walks, galleries and walls have served as both platform for conversations, creating opportunities for people to work together to build strong relationships telling stories through art at a particular moment in time; a time stamp for generations to come.


In 2017 Lont  curated and participated in a 6,000 sq ft warehouse project in Seattle WA, "Dozer's Warehouse" ,

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